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Sedation Dentistry

Comfortable Sedation Dentistry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Why Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is designed to help you relax during a dental procedure and can be used for anything from a general cleaning to an oral surgery. While anyone can receive sedation, it is particularly helpful for those who struggle with anxiety, have sensitive teeth, may have trouble sitting still or have a large amount of dental work to be done. Patients who receive sedation dentistry are generally awake and relaxed.
Sedation Dentistry

Types of Sedation

Different forms of sedation are available depending on your wants and needs. The most common types are:

Inhaled Sedation

Often referred to as laughing gas, inhaled sedation is nitrous oxide combined with oxygen. This gas is given to you through a mask placed over your nose and is constantly adjusted by the dentist. Inhaled sedation wears off quickly, and many patients are even able to drive themselves home. 

Oral Sedation

Ranging from minimal to moderate in strength, oral sedation is given as a pill and is generally taken about an hour before an appointment. Oral sedation is the most common form of dental sedation and will typically make you drowsy but will not cause you to become unconscious. 

IV Sedation

IV sedation is a less common and generally stronger form of sedation that can be adjusted by the dentist at any time. It works quickly and is generally stronger than oral or inhaled sedation. 

Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia

Deep sedation is the strongest form of dental sedation and causes you to become unconscious during a procedure. Deep sedation is much less common and is typically reserved for oral surgery. When under general anesthesia, which is different from deep sedation, you cannot be easily awakened until the medication wears off.

Is Sedation Safe?

While all medication brings certain risks, sedation is considered to be safe for both adults and children. Dentists who practice sedation are trained how to do so safely and properly. Permits and certificates are also required to perform deep sedation or any complicated sedation techniques. Contact Rabel Family Dentistry for a safe and stress-free dental sedation.