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Here for Your Family

At Rabel Family Dentistry, we know that being a parent is hard! With errands to run, dinner to cook and games, recitals, practices and more to attend, being overwhelmed is only the beginning. And while oral health and regular dental visits and cleaning are essential to a healthy lifestyle, it can sometimes seem like just one more thing to add to a never-ending list.
We know that making appointments and working around schedules can seem impossible. We are here to help by offering availability and support for our clients. We strive to work with your family, whatever your time constraints or dental needs.

One Stop for Any Dental Need

Whether you are looking for a crown for yourself, a wisdom tooth extraction for your young adult or a friendly and caring dentist for your child’s first cleaning, we are here and ready for you. We do all that we can to be flexible with your needs. We value your time, and schedule same-day or next-day appointment whenever possible. We also work to schedule as many family member appointments together as possible.

Health and Self-Esteem for Your Family

Rabel Family Dentistry knows that having a healthy and attractive smile is good for you. We strive to increase not only your physical health and wellness but also your confidence. A healthy smile helps you to feel prepared, composed and ready to face whatever awaits. We want to help you to be happy, healthy and living life to the fullest. Contact Rabel Family Dentistry for any of your family’s dental needs.